3 sex games to try with your partner

Playing a sex game with your partner is a great way to kill the routine and spice up your sex life. It also allows you to rediscover your partner from another angle in an erotic atmosphere. In this article, we suggest three sex games that you can try with your partner. 


It is simple to realize and does not require great means. This game consists in blindfolding your partner and then playing with his body. Indeed, when you blindfold your partner, he will be at your mercy and you will be able to dispose of his body as you wish. 

If you wish, you can also tie his hands in order to have total control of his body.  To decide which partner will be bandaged you can toss a coin or flip a coin. 

No hands 

No hands sex game is a very exciting game. It consists of not touching each other for at least five minutes. Both partners get completely naked and talk dirty to each other to get each other excited, but no one should touch the other. One must hold back as long as possible no matter how much one wants to. 

Some people play this game in front of a porn movie. In this case, in addition to not always touching each other, you should not touch each other to masturbate until the 5 minutes are over. And even after the first 5 minutes, you are still not allowed to use your hands. Only the tongue is allowed for another 5 minutes. The purpose of this game is to raise the excitement to its highest level between you and your partner. 

Caressing game

This is also a simple and very exciting game. It’s a petting game. When you stroke your partner, your partner must stroke you back and so on. It is a very simple game but perfect for foreplay. It is usually played in an erotic atmosphere.