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Ms. Chantal Sauvage Sore Loser Is A Sure Fire Winner! Review By Ms. Chantal Sauvage:
Up to now, I had pretty much given up on the idea of seeing a spanking video that didn't insult my intelligence in some way, shape, or form. Cheesy production, lousy action, runaway plot... this is the slush that spankophiles have to wade through to find worthy entertainment.

Thank heaven for Bum Rap Productions.

Ms. Tasha Lee, the new Domme on the block, teams up with Miss Kristin Frost, a submissive whose bottom was made to be spanked, in the standard "stay out all night" scenario in "Sore Loser". The plot is simple, but the key to making it work is a Top who knows how to lecture and a bottom who knows when to surrender. Ms. Lee has the most alluring voice I've heard in years, and she uses it to draw you into the scene and hold you there. Miss Frost looks engaging as the sassy brat who quickly becomes the sorry brat. She is neither fake nor full of herself, which is so refreshing to see in a spankee on video.

The action is intense without being brutal. It's just enough to make you feel a little sorry for Miss Frost's slightly bruised cheeks. Ms. Lee doesn't spare her (thank you!) but delivers some pretty hard whacks with hand, paddles, and a flogger. These two women have chemistry that goes beyond the lap, and you see that less than a minute into the movie.

I can forgive the occasional editing/production flubs, because even at their worst, Bum Rap's camera quality still exceeds all other spanking companies'. Professional, innovative angles (LOVED the submissive crawl and the thigh-high boot walk!) will keep your thumb on the "rewind" button.

I love this video, not just because Ms. Tasha Lee is as talented as she is gorgeous, not just because I'd love to have an hour with Miss Kristin Frost to myself, but because this is the first video I've seen in ages that entertains me without insulting my intelligence. I can't wait to see what other goodies Bum Rap has in store.


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—Chantal Sauvage (Ms. Chantal Sauvage is a scene lifestyler and well-known domme living in the Philly area. She has starred in videos for Jennifer Brooks, Mistress Jacqueline's Pacific Force, Scarlett Hill and Crimson Moon.)

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