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Spank Me!

Spank Me!

What's Up, Doc?
55 minutes

Stephanie (Melody Nore) is not particularly happy with her big sister, Leah (Tasha Lee).  Not only is Leah insisting Stephanie honor her obligation to attend a charity dinner she has no desire to go to — in doing so, she's making Stephanie miss the birthday party of her close friend, Julie (Angel).

To get herself out of the dinner, Julie and Stephanie hatch a plan for Stephanie to fake being sick, making the mistake of trying to involve Leah's boyfriend, Dr. Mike Simon (Yoni), in the scheme.    When Mike shares the girls' plot with Leah, the older sister's reaction is swift and furious.  Things heat up even more after Dr. Mike turns Stephanie over his knees — to take her temperature the old-fashioned way — thus proving to his (and Leah's) satisfaction the young lady is, indeed, feigning her illness.  Add to that, an evening of heavy drinking in which both Stephanie and Julie drive Leah's car while under the influence (and without permission), and the result is a series of six spankings which leave both deserving girls' backsides bright red and on fire.

This film features Bum Rap's first anal temperature-taking scene, and introduces tow newcomers to the world of spanking erotica, the beautiful redhead, Melody Nore, and the adorable raven-haired brat, Angel.


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