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Spank Me!

Spank Me!

FemDom Double Play
Union Break & The Break-In

30 minutes

Union Break
Thinking no one's around to keep track, a workman (Fireman Bill) takes a rather extended break from work. Unfortunately for the workman, his Boss (Tasha Lee) catches him goofing off.  The poor workman quickly finds himself sans pants, where Ms. Lee teaches him why it's better (and safer) to do the job you're being paid for, than to shirk your duties.

The Break-In 
When a bumbling burglar (Yoni) attempts a break-in, he is greeted with a frying pan to the head, wielded by the lady of the house (Mistress Delirium).  Coming to consciousness, he find himself tied down, facing the angry homeowner.  What follows is a session of ass-reddening discipline, designed to show the burglar the error of his ways.



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