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Hot Crossed Buns —
A Beginner's Guide To Spanking

by Tasha Lee

A fun and entertaining guide to the world of consensual adult spanking — great for the novice, or more experienced spanko, with information that includes:  *Spanko Language* How to talk  about your interest in spanking with non-spankos? *How to connect with, and interact with the spanking world* How to introduce yourself and play well with others at social events* *Kinds of spanking, spanking implements, and safety tips* *And, of course, techniques on becoming an AWESOME spanker...

Whether you're a Top, Bottom, Switch — or you have no idea quite yet — this is the simplest, most fun, and comprehensive book on the subject of consensual adult spanking, you can buy.

Tasha Lee is a professional actress, playwright and director, with appearances in television, film, and on the Off-Broadway stage. As a means of combining her professional life with her personal lifestyle, Ms. Lee founded Bum Rap Productions in 2005, a film company specializing in spanking erotica. Two of her BRP films have been featured at several prominent U.S. film festivals. The BRP film, Dreamscape, is widely considered one of the finest spanking films ever made. Currently, Tasha Lee resides in the Maryland suburbs outside Washington, D.C., with her husband and business partner, Yoni.

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